We’ve had enough of not knowing what’s in the bottle

We’re a brand based on simplicity - from the way products are intended to be used to the ingredients in each bottle. We’re making skincare for people who want to do just that – truly care for their skin. Everything is naturally derived, plant based and cruelty free certified because high quality skincare that is both effective and luxurious doesn’t need to be anything less. With common ingredients running through much of our product line, many of our products are multi use making for a synergistic skincare experience.

It all started with an itch… and by that we mean a physical one. Clean Slate founder, Kat Snowden, was searching for a natural alternative to the cortisone cream she had been using to treat her eczema. No bells, no whistles, just natural ingredients. And she never looked back.  

From the humble beginnings of a Queen Victoria Market stall, to now a range of over thirty individual products, our premise hasn’t changed - to make products with real ingredients, for real people.

When you purchase a Clean Slate product, you’re not just buying something that looks, feels and smells amazing, you’re buying over 15 years of rigorous testing and refining – recipes that have been scientifically formulated to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

We also just down right love making the stuff. All of our creations are made using the most traditional methods possible. This means scaled down, small batch production that allow us to maintain quality and ensure everything is formulated using only sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients.

We’re passionate about supplying you with products that are intrinsically real, so there is minimal machine interference in the production process and everything is handmade, stirred, poured and packaged wherever we can.