At the ripe old age of 19 Kat looked down at what was to be her first batch of soap - a mixture of olive and coconut oil, mandarin and lime for scent, some paprika for colour and poppy seeds for texture. The goopy mess was definitely not perfect, but was the beginning of something great.

Thankfully for us, she’s come along way since that first batch. Originally a means to finding an alternative to the cortisone cream she’d been using to treat her eczema, her skincare experimentation has now seen her become an aromatherapist and cosmetic chemist.

An expert on all things skin related, she has single handedly formulated and crafted a range of products that encapsulate over a decade of late nights and early mornings trialing and perfecting.

Priding herself on her ability to make beautiful, high quality products honest and approachable, her time not working on new products is spent teaching and educating others on ingredients and processes.